New To LifeSong?

What can I expect?

We meet in the Recreation Center of our Russell Campus (438 Boyd Street) for morning worship. Once you arrive , you will be greeted by a parking volunteer who will help you find a place to park and direct you where you want to go. The main parking area is in the lot behind the Recreation Center off Bellefonte Street, with additional parking throughout downtown Russell. Expect to be greeted by normal, friendly people. We are glad you’re here and want someone at the front door to welcome you. Greeters will answer questions and point you in the direction to go. Once inside the Recreation Center, you will see our Information Table. Workers at the Information Table will be happy to answer questions - that's what they're there for! If you have children they will point you to the children's registration area. The Cafe is a great place to get a drink or snack or to meet others who attend LifeSong.

What type of worship will you have?

Expect our Worship Service to start on time and last about an hour. After a 5-minute countdown showing exactly when we will begin, our worship band usually kicks off with music and singing. Our music is loud and for lack of a better word, "contemporary". We use media in the service. Messages are biblically based with the goal of hearing God speak to us which will make a difference in how we live. Click Here to watch recent messages at LifeSong.

What should I wear and what will I be expected to do?

The atmosphere is casual…come as you are. Pastor Keith usually wears jeans and a t-shirt. Expect to feel comfortable. Not embarrassed. Not judged. We expect our guests to have a pleasant experience. We expect to have an encounter with the living God every time we meet as a church family. We expect to enjoy being together.